Can Large Format Displays help In education?

Technology is now commonplace in schools, colleges and universities with LCD displays and digital, interactive whiteboards standard in classrooms. But now there’s another useful piece of technology. Large format displays are proving extremely popular because of their versatility in and outside of the classroom. These giant displays encourage teachers, students and visitors to interact with engaging and relevant content. This content can be shown either in real-time or scheduled for specific classes. As large format displays in education are a newish thing, let’s find out what exactly a large format display is.

What is Large Format Display?

A Large Format Display (LFD) is an LCD flat-screen sizes above 32 inches in size. You will probably have seen these used for commercial purposes by businesses such as retail outlets and shopping centres, corporate events and hospitality and all manner of public environments to attract and inform customers and visitors.

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Large format displays are much more than huge monitors. They are high-definition displays which can be over 100-inches in size. Like many of the most modern TVs, large format displays usually have super-thin bezels (the trim round the outside of the screen). This means that no space is wasted and the pictures pretty much fill the whole screen, providing a very contemporary look. Additionally, this allows you to put multiple screens together to create one ultra-large display for maximum impact. It could be for a promotional video or footage of the school football or netball team in action.

What can you do with a large format display?

How about positioning one in the school reception area with a visitor management and registration system. Your school can welcome, register and monitor onsite visits. It’s professional and looks incredible. Or, why not just promote what the school has been doing? Projects, drama or music productions, clips of sports teams in action – everything the school has been involved in can be promoted in high-definition.

Staff rooms

Communicating with staff is vitally important for all educational establishments, and in a time where targets and deadlines are more important than ever, a large format display in the staff room can display key information for everyone. With an easy to update large display, school and college events can be scheduled and staff can keep an eye on timetables, and who is teaching in which classroom and when.

Live feeds can also provide weather, traffic and news reports, including the latest covid updates – direct into the staffroom.

In class

Some schools have done away with the daily assembly, replacing it with a broadcast from senior staff. Especially these days, when classes haven’t been able to mix at times, all the school can get the same information at the same time, in high-definition. Engagement is said to be boosted and this is definitely a cool way to keep students’ attention.

For larger schools, colleges and universities

Large format displays are often used around the clock by companies to promote their products. You’ll probably have seen these in the window of your local estate agents too – promoting new homes for sale etc. In education they are eye-catching and attractive displays which are perfect for providing information such as open days, parents evenings, school sports fixtures and events. Not only does an information area like this help teachers, students and parents, it also shows the school in a positive light. After all, communication is key, yet many establishments aren’t great at it!

What quality are they?

Well, as Ofsted would say: They’re outstanding! They provide a new level of detail and clarity in stunning 4K video and images, and that means pin sharp images and crisp, accurate colours courtesy of 8.3 million pixels.

Where can they be positioned?

They can be wall-mounted, and also come in free-standing displays with moveable floor stands and removable castors so they can be shifted around the building as required. Some models are designed for in-open settings and have a secure locking back cover to make them perfect for public settings – such as in a sports hall or atrium, while ensuring data protection.

Are they ‘touch screen’?

Yes, you can buy touch screen large format displays which allow you to interact with your students. You could easily use them for prospective students to navigate which options are available at the school. They’re a great way of appealing to students, and show that your education establishment is moving with the times and embracing the latest technology. They can be used behind reception areas, or in windows outward-facing – ensuring that information is shown to students and visitors. They are designed to be eye-catching and are certainly difficult to ignore.

As we mentioned before, these screens are huge, and as they have an abundance of connection ports and adaptors available, there are many uses for them, inside or outdoors. They can even be taken along to all sorts of events in the area to promote your establishment and what you offer.


What are the benefits of large format display screens? Well, they help engage and inform the staff, students and visitors. If you’re promoting an event, you want to make sure people know about it. By displaying all kinds of messages on screens, you will certainly get the point across in a fun and exciting way. Remember, they are portable, so you can get your message across from wherever you need to. And think of all the fun you can have setting your students projects which will lead to content being created for your large format display! So, to answer the original question: ‘Can large format displays help in education?’ The answer is definitely ‘Yes!’ They are a versatile and engaging way to communicate – plus multiple connection ports mean you can link virtually any other piece to tech to them, to view things on a huge screen.

These large display units are not as expensive as you might think, so take a look at what Ebuyer has to offer here. If you’d like more information about them, you can always speak to one of the Ebuyer specialists who’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call them on: 01430 433780.

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