Best Samsung tablet PCs for students…

When you’re packing your stuff ready to make the move to university, a tablet PC may not be top of your list. And yet, Samsung tablet PCs are portable, powerful, fantastic study aids. It’s true. Your tablet could become your new study buddy and best friend.

Samsung tablets for students

There’s no doubting that being a student brings its own set of challenges – and amongst them is the need to ensure you have the right ‘bits of kit’ to see you right the way through your studies. This can mean a desktop PC or laptop, a monitor, a printer, a smartphone and – let’s be honest! – if you’re a college or uni student then maybe even a TV and gaming console! Also amidst that list, and increasingly useful to the student lifestyle, is the tablet.

Samsung is a brand which thrives on providing tech solutions, as their vast range of smartphones, laptops, monitors, TVs et al shows. They also produce a range of tablets which are powerful and approach the capability of laptops though at a fraction of the price. These devices are also versatile and portable, which makes them an excellent choice for campus or college life.

In this article we’ll show you five favourites which we think are the best Samsung tablets for students. We’ll also give you a few tips on what to look out for when you’re selecting your new Samsung tablet.

Our five best Samsung tablet PCs for students

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5″ 32GB WiFi Tablet

  • 10.5” Screen
  • 32GB Capacity
  • 2GB RAM
  • Networking: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

The Galaxy Tab A8 has great form factor – it’s just 6.9mm thin and has a 10.5″ wide display, complete with symmetric bezel measuring only 10.2mm. Sporting the Octa-core processor paired with up to 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, this tablet is ready to take on any challenge you throw at it without draining the speed or battery. Save more with up to 1TB microSD card and stay supported with a 7,040mAh (typical) battery and 15W Fast Charging.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite LTE 8.7″ 32GB Tablet

  • 8.7” Screen
  • Capacity: 32GB
  • Networking: Wi-Fi / LTE

With a compact 8.7″ display and a weight of less than 400 grams, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 4G means you can take your entertainment anywhere. With Google Assistant and Bixby connectivity, you can voice-control your smart devices through the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. There is 32 GB of storage built in, but you can add up to 1 TB – as much as most laptops – with a microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11″ 128GB WiFi & LTE Tablet

  • 11” Screen
  • Capacity: 128GB
  • 6GB RAM
  • Networking: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth + LTE

The S7 features a Quad HD+ display which ensures immaculate detail – and with 4G connectivity you can surf or watch streaming content anywhere without relying on Wi-Fi hotspots. With the new and improved S Pen, you can unleash your inner artist, whether you’re sketching, writing or editing.

Samsung Tab S8 Ultra 14.6″ 128GB WiFi Tablet

  • 14.6” Screen
  • 128GB Capacity
  • 16GB RAM
  • Networking: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

The largest Samsung Galaxy Tab S is designed so you can create like a pro. The ultrawide front camera is Samsung’s first in a tablet, the large screen size means plenty of real estate for video or photo editing and graphics work, and the S Pen offers impressive levels of control when writing, sketching or doodling. Hyperfast 5G delivers the power to keep you streaming whatever you want – music, movies or content.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 8″ 64GB Tablet

  • 8” Screen
  • 64GB Capacity
  • 4GB RAM
  • Networking: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G

The Galaxy Tab Active has been designed to be sturdy and reliable. Perhaps you are an engineering or construction student – and if so, this one is built to tough out your day. It’s resistant to water and dust and can withstand 1.5m drops with inbox cover. It’s powerful enough to run heavy files and demanding programs seamlessly. With Wi-Fi6 and MIMO support and up to 1TB of external storage to boost speed and performance, you can get work done easily.

Samsung Tablet PCs for students – a buyer’s guide

  • Screen size: Samsung tablets are available in a variety of screen sizes, so it’s important to think about what you need the tablet for and what you will be doing the most of on it.
  • If, for example, you will be using it for highly visual studies – such as design, photography or video work – then the larger the screen size of the tablet the better. Something from the 10.5” range or above will be much more appropriate than opting for 8” or thereabouts and, in fact, maxing out with one of the 14.6” tablets will pay dividends in terms of pure screen real estate.
  • Similarly, it may not be necessary to opt for a much larger screen size if your studies are purely text document based. You might want to strike a happy balance, if you will be using the tablet for entertainment purposes when your day and college or uni has ended!
  • Memory: RAM is the temporary data storage space a device needs to access now or in the next few moments. More RAM is better for when your tablet is multitasking, as it ensures the apps run smoothly and don’t run slowly, holding up your study. Anything with 4GB of RAM or above should be sufficient for general use. Obviously the higher the better is particularly important if you’re intending to use your tablet for intensive tasks such as design, photography or video work.
  • Storage: There’s no doubt that as a student you will generate documents of some kind, and that these will need to be saved to be worked upon in the future. So the available storage of your tablet is an important consideration. Luckily, the days of trying to muddle through on low amounts of storage space are no more, and devices these days tend to have more than enough. Or, at the very least, the facility for an increase.
  • The Samsung tablets available at Ebuyer come with storage from 32GB and upwards, including larger capacities such as 256GB and 512GB. These should be sufficient for storing a lot of text-based documents or spreadsheets (etc), but additional storage may be required if you intend to stock up on a vast amount of photos or videos for multimedia projects (or entertainment). If you are not comfortable using cloud storage, then look for a tablet where it is physically possible to expand your storage capacity (through the use of SSD cards, for instance).
  • Connectivity: Utilising Wi-Fi, or in some cases 5G for hyperfast, Samsung tablets are a great choice, enabling you to stay connected wherever you are. If you are a student who does not have reliable Wi-Fi back at your digs, connectivity to LTE can be a great solution for you. Check your socials when out and about, or stay online to research your coursework.
  • Battery Life: This is very important if you’re a student and you’re going to be out and about all day, whether across campus or elsewhere. The last thing you would need is your tablet to run out of charge in the middle of taking notes, or working on an essay, or participating in an online lesson or call. Luckily for you, then, dependent on the intensity of your workload, Samsung tablets have good battery life which should see you through the day – or at least most of it.

Broadly speaking, Samsung’s range of tablets provides all of the specs you need to ensure they complement your learning experience. Shop around – check the individual specifications of the model you may be interested in, to see if it is likely to meet your needs. Or pick one from the five we recommended earlier in this article, as a starting point. Ebuyer stocks many Samsung tablets to ensure your study time is a success!

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