Versatile Powerline Adapters for Smart TVs

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Visual technology is constantly changing and the new breed of television feature huge screens and 4K resolution. It’s all a far cry from the bulky black and white sets our grandparents grew up with. But the way we watch television has also undergone considerable changes. We now have a wide variety of programming to choose from including terrestrial channels, streaming services and on-demand TV.

Television’s themselves now offer more than just watching movies. You can hook up your laptop via HDMI or use a Smart TV to access the internet, download YouTube videos or update social media.

One of the major uses of TV today is online gaming via PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox needs a fast and reliable internet connection. Many of the streaming services would not even be around if it was not for internet compatible TVs. There is no doubt that internet is an integral part of home and business, but also for our everyday entertainment.

tp link powerline adapters 1Saying that it becomes absolutely imperative to supply our homes with constant and lag free broadband. One product out there guarantees just that and it is called Powerline Adapters or Home Plugs, which works by using your home’s existing electrical wiring turning any electrical socket into an Internet connection. Simply plug the powerline adapter into your wall socket and you are ready to enjoy HD streaming and gaming, no configuration required.

What is a Powerline Adapter?

Powerline adapters are also called Home Plugs. As the name suggests, we slot the powerline adapters into the electrical sockets in our home. A powerline adapter instantly turns a normal socket into an internet connection.

powerline adaptersExample scenario: Your router is downstairs in the lounge, and your wired only ‘Smart’ TV is upstairs. Now, how do you add the ‘Smart’ into your TV? In order to connect the TV to the router, we can always go wireless, which can be patchy at times and could bring to you the much dreaded wireless black spots, especially when you are connected to YouTube, Netflix or even games.

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Turn Any Power Socket into an Internet connection

The other method is to connect the TV directly into the router. TP-Link Powerline Adapters allow us to do just that, hassle free as well. Using your home’s existing electrical circuit, powerline adapters can connect your TV or other devices directly to your router, via any electrical socket.

powerline adapters diagramSimply plug one powerline adapter into the wall socket near your router and connect the two with an Ethernet cable. Now, plug another powerline adapter into the wall socket near your Smart TV and connect that with an Ethernet cable too (or even go wireless at this stage). That’s it. Enjoy the HD streaming or your lag free movie night with your family & friends.

TP-Link Powerline Adapters offer a perfect solution for the gamer at home, only this time with better connectivity to the internet.

Apart from the Smart TV, we all have all sorts of devices in the house to connect to the internet. We know that our standard Wi-Fi internet does not always reach every corner of our house. In which case, TP-Links Wi-Fi Powerline Adapters create a wireless hotspot, anywhere and instantly using your wall power socket so you get seamless broadband coverage in the entire house.

Connecting more than one wired only devices

In a situation where you have more than one device to connect to the internet, for example a games console & Smart TV in the same corner, choose a TP-Link Powerline Adapter with multiple Ethernet ports to connect to each device separately.

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TP-Link Powerline Adapters – Bringing the internet to a socket near your Smart TV

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