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End of Support for Windows Server 2008 – It’s time to upgrade

It’s only March and 2020 has already given us a crazy few months. So, you could be forgiven for missing the end of support for Windows Server 2008. Back in January it was announced that there will be no more updates for this version of Windows – which means now is the perfect time to upgrade to Windows Server 2019.

What does ‘end of support’ mean?

By stating that ‘support is ending’ for Windows Server 2008, this means Microsoft will no longer be bringing out any additional updates for this version of Windows. Specifically, Microsoft have detailed that there will be no more free security updates on-premises, non-security updates, free support options or online technical content update.

What next?

Now that support has ended, it would be in your best interest to upgrade to the Windows Server 2019. By doing so you’ll still be able to benefit from regular security and software updates, plus additional support.

If you don’t, you will leave your operating system open to security issues, as Microsoft will not fix any issues you have now that support has ended. Facing unfixable security breaches will bring cost implications of its own. So, to avoid such an event, upgrading as soon as possible would not only be a sensible choice, but a cost effective one too.

Why upgrade?

As one door closes, another opens.

Windows Server 2019 will be able to offer you what the 2008 Server no longer can, as it adds additional layers of security, continuous updates and support, all whilst helping to modernise your business. The 2019 Server also provides faster innovation for applications, hybrid capabilities and a more efficient datacentre infrastructure.

More efficient

Designed to improve performance of server applications, Windows Server 2019 utilises a new generation of server hardware including storage class memory. This massively increases the performance of server applications and in turn provides greater efficiency.

Security improvements

The main features Windows Server 2019 can boast come in the form of security improvements. The upgraded server features Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which has been significantly upgraded to provide visibility into potential malware attacks and the ability to take actions on compromised machines.

Windows Defender can also detect and block any ransomware, including restoring files and data in case of a ransomware attack. In addition to the Defender security system, the server also enlists New Shielded VM improvements, Virtual network encryption and System Guard Runtime Monitor to bolster its security capabilities.

Upgrading with Ebuyer

We understand how crucial it is to upgrade, which is why we offer a Windows Server 2019 Standard (Dell ROK) licence especially for businesses. To offer even further help, we offer business leasing when you buy two or more licences from us.

Benefit from a new and improved Windows Server which is designed to fully support your business and all of your security requirements. Discover the Windows Server 2019 solution on our website – and available now.

If you’d like to speak to one of our Business Sales specialists, give us a call on 01430 433 671. Or email us at [email protected].

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