Try these unusual New Year’s resolutions!

Most people have a dabble at making a New Year’s resolution, but let’s be honest – most have been broken by ten past midnight! This year, why not make a resolution that has a chance of being realised? Imagine how good you’ll feel when you tell your friends about your amazing willpower! C’mon, try something different this year, and get 2022 off to a flier!

Get Your Photo Taken In Five Interesting Places

This resolution might actually encourage you to put down that family pack of crisps and get off the couch. Get out there and see the world, why don’t you? Make a visual record of your year and visit the places you either always wanted to go to, or visit places nearby that you were just too lazy to go to before. Either way, this could actually be fun!

Learn A Cool Party Trick

How many times have you been at a party and wished you had a killer trick or stunt you could show to impress your friends? It doesn’t even have to be a trick. How about practising a new skill, no matter how pointless it is? How about being able to roll a coin across your fingers? Or learn a fantastic card trick. Never be left standing there with nothing up your sleeve ever again!

Break A Record

Who wouldn’t want to be a world record holder? However, we’re not suggesting you go out, get some lottery funding and then break the 100m world record at the next Olympics (although, we’re not stopping you!). Why not break a personal fitness record or something a bit more unusual? There are all sorts of unusual records to aim for, but if you’d rather have your pet do it for you, then see if your budgie can beat Zac the Makaw. Zac managed to break a Guinness World Record by opening 35 canned drinks in one minute! And there’s a cat in Malaysia that can balance 10 dice on his upturned paw. If that’s too much trouble, then why not buy the most tech you can in one hour from Ebuyer? You’ve smashed it!

Make Some New Friends!

We’re not saying the ones you have aren’t sufficient, but we think the more friends you have, the better, right? Why not join a club or society and expanding your social circle? That means more social events and making friends who have similar interests. Friends are great for your health and broadening your horizons can only be a good thing. Another good ‘club’ you can join is by becoming an Ebuyer Insider – it’s free and you get exclusive competitions and access to sales first!

Try A New Food Every Week

You know those foods that you say you hate, but have never actually tried? Well now’s a good time to start trying them – especially if they’re green. Try a chilli, mushy peas, prawns, a madras curry, fish pie, rice pudding – a whole new world could open up right in front of you. And you might actually like it! Why not take a stroll down the fruit and veg aisle and pick something exotic? Ever had a lychee or a dragon fruit? Get into that supermarket and start living! Yeah, baby!

Do Something Unusual

And we don’t mean ‘make the bed’ or ‘have a shower!’ We’re talking about you getting out of your daily routine and spicing things up a bit. Do something different and break the monotony and grind of daily life! Why not wear something you’d never normally wear (and guys, forget the kilt until Spring!). Why not go for a walk on a completely different route? Variety is the spice of life, so they say – and then finish off with a coffee you haven’t tried before and a browse on Ebuyer! Perfect.

Sort Out Your Finances!

January is traditionally the time of year when you realise you’ve spent money that you didn’t have! Oh no! Trying to sort out your finances is a very good thing to do. Don’t over-stretch your budget and then have to start thinking about things such as cycling instead of forking out on expensive petrol, or cutting back on things you don’t actually need, such as alcohol! If you desperately need a better laptop or other piece of equipment, then there’s Klarna to help you manage by spreading out payments, and you get a period of interest free credit too!

A Random Act of Kindness

Most resolutions are all about the person making them. Maybe you want to be healthier, thinner, wealthier – the list goes on. Don’t be so selfish! Why not do a good deed or something nice for someone else every day? That could be offering to make a cuppa for your parents, donating blood or washing the car of the old lady across the road. This will make you feel like the world isn’t so bad after all. And it doesn’t have to be a physical activity such as dropping off a neighbours shopping – it could be just paying someone a compliment. Your life will be like a feel-good movie – and you’re the star! Another random act of kindness would be to buy a friend a new laptop from Ebuyer! Click here to make someone happy!

OK that’s it! All of us here at Ebuyer wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a wonderful 2022.

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