CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM the stylish new Keyboard for any PC

Cherry KC 600 slim keyboard black

The KC 6000 SLIM is a new keyboard from CHERRY…

Remember the times when keyboards used to be large, bulky things adorning your desktop? They used to take up half the desk, be heavy to move around and, for some, felt like you were typing on treacle. Technology in the keyboard market, as with everything, has moved on. Yes, there’s always a place for a good, mechanical, full-travel keyboard and for the gamers, it’s an essential piece of their gaming kit.

However, for many users, be it corporate or home, they want something which is not only stylish to look at but fit in with the lifestyle they’re living. Monitors and their bezels have become thinner, even PC’s have slimmed down and become more compact. Laptops have become thinner and lighter. So, with all this going on, why would a user need a keyboard that’s bulky and will make their PC stand out rather than blend in?

Keyboards have started to go the same way as the other equipment. More minimalist in their look, thinner, more stylish. Enter the new CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM keyboard….

Cherry KC 6000 slim keyboard

Utilising a new, more precise scissor mechanism, this enables the keyboard to remain as thin as possible without affecting the user’s typing comfort. The lack of a large bezel surrounding the product means it’s compact on the desktop, whilst keeping a full-size keyboard layout – with all the conveniences of both a cursor block and full number pad. Long-lasting durability never looked so elegant. The new KC 6000 Slim stands alone as an impressive addition to one’s work desk.

CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM keyboard – Silver

Cherry KC 6000 slim keyboard silver

For those who like their PC’s or laptops in silver or white, the JK-1600GB-1 is the perfect accompaniment. A silver surround and white keycaps which have a blue, foil background certainly make this model stand out.

CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM keyboard – Black

Cherry KC 6000 slim keyboard black

If you prefer something more traditional, then the JK-1600GB-2 may be more suitable. Finished in black, but with a subtle red foil background will be an ideal complement to any PC.

On both colour variants, LED indicators are placed within the Caps/Num/Scroll lock to make their status easy to see. Six additional keys give quick access to volume, internet, calculator and a handy log-off function. As now with all CHERRY keyboards, key-legends are manufactured with non-wearing, laser-etched keycap legends to ensure the longest life possible.

The CHERRY KC 6000 SLIM keyboard is available now from Ebuyer.com

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