Gaming keyboards vs standard keyboards

What’s the difference?

You’re probably thinking how simple it is. A keyboard is just a keyboard, right? Well, yes and no. Gaming keyboards are keyboards, but a different type. The difference between whether a keyboard is classed as standard or gaming comes down to the components which are used to build it.

Now, if you are a PC gamer, you’ll be likely to have a keyboard which is already specifically made for gaming and so you’ll know exactly why you need a gaming keyboard. For those who have tried to use a standard keyboard to game with will realise how difficult it can be.

Gaming keyboards give gamers the competitive edge and are a vital weapon in a PC gamer’s arsenal. But what actually is the difference? Let’s take a look…


Mechanical keyboards

The primary difference between standard and gaming is whether the keyboard is mechanical or not. Mechanical keyboards provide gamers with more precision and speed whilst gaming. Mechanical keyboards are more slick and easier to use, as the switches only need to be pressed half-way before registering a keystroke.

When compared to a standard keyboard they’re much faster to use, with a standard keyboard being more sluggish when in a rush to reach a checkpoint or hit the match-winning shot.

This ‘slicker’ element of the keyboard comes from the way it’s built, using metal in the switch to provide a stronger resistance, which also helps prevent wear and tear. In contrast, standard keyboards use a rubber dome in the switch, which collapses and then springs back up again once it’s pressed. This type of switch is entirely reliant on the rigidity of the rubber. It’s something that will deteriorate over time.

When you take into account the rigorous use and extended time that gaming keyboards will be used as opposed to standard keyboards, you can see that these mechanical switches are absolutely essential to survival as a gaming peripheral.



So, now you know how the build of a gaming keyboard gives gamers the advantage. But what about the look and feel? Well, that’s a huge part of choosing your gaming kit, too, and it often sways many gamers if they’re on the fence.

Nobody wants to sit down to play Call Of Duty and have to use a chunky office keyboard which is all one colour? No! You want different colours, flashing lights and an ergonomic design! Fortunately, almost every gaming keyboard has ditched the classic boring colour scheme and incorporated an array of mouth-watering LED lights and comfortable key-configurations.

A keyboard which is bursting at the seams with LED goodness is exactly what you want to add to your gaming rig. Often with more customisation options than you can shake a stick at, you can change the colours to match the rest of your gaming gear.

Another huge part of the aesthetic is the keys – and we’re not talking about the switches here, we’re talking shape and size. Gaming keyboards offer much larger key sizes than standard keyboards and are often shaped more favourable for resting your hand on.

Could you imagine trying to use one of those wafer-thin Apple keyboards to game with? It’s enough to send shivers down the spine, isn’t it? What you really want for gaming is a substantial keyboard with comfortable keys which allow you to play for hours without any of that dreaded ol’ finger or wrist ache.

The verdict

You may feel as though we’ve addressed gaming keyboards an awful lot. What about the standard keyboards, you’re probably asking? Well, what about them indeed… Sure, if you use your PC sparingly and for short periods of time then a standard keyboard will see you right.

But gaming keyboards have it all. Even for those who just use their PC to work from home, why not use a gaming keyboard? They look the part, they’re more comfortable for long-term use and they will allow you to type with much higher precision – meaning you can churn out those spreadsheets like there’s no tomorrow!

You’re no doubt chomping at the bit to get your hands on a brand-new gaming keyboard – and you’re in luck! Ebuyer has a fantastic range of gaming keyboards available on our website… Go and check ‘em out.

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