Gaming Keyboard Tips & Tricks

Just as a bird has wings, if you’re a gamer you’ll have a gaming keyboard. There are no two ways about it. If you’ve ever tried to use a regular keyboard during your gaming exploits, you’ll have realized that it’s just not possible.

Gaming keyboards provide a technical edge and a sense of purpose which just blow normal keyboards out of the water. And that’s before we’ve even discussed the LED backlighting!

Your gaming keyboard is to you what the Aston Martin DB5 is to James Bond. It helps you accomplish your missions in comfortable style, and has a ton of nifty little tricks tucked away for you to utilise in sticky situations.

So, to help you gain mastery over your gadgets, let’s take a closer look at some tidy little keyboard tricks that even Q would be proud of. Double OMG!

Tips & Tricks – Gaming Keyboard


High Contrast


This shortcut allows you to active the high contrast setting on your monitor, for a more intense viewing experience. The command will give you a heads up by opening a warning window before applying any changes.


Shut Down

Windows key + X, U, I / U / R / H / S

You can shut Windows down with just a few button clicks. It all starts with Windows key + X to open the Quick Access Menu, followed by the U key to expand the Shut down or sign out options. Finally, press I to sign out, U to shut down, R to restart, H to hibernate and S to sleep.


Snipping tool

Shift + Windows key + S

This command activates the snipping tool. It allows you to capture a specific area of your screen and save it to your computer.


Additional characters

Hold down the Alt key and type the four-digit code on the numeric keypad for the character you want. This only works on the numeric keypad. This won’t work on the row of numbers at the top of the keyboard.

Here’s just a few of the characters you can type with the Alt key (separated by a pipe):

© | ® | ™ | • | § | † | ‡ | – | — | ¶ | ¡ | ¿ | ¢ | £ | Є | ¥


Move a game window between monitors

Windows key +  Shift, then use the Arrow keys.

Using these keys you can move your window across to a second connected monitor, and if it’s UWP, it will automatically scale to match the new display resolution.


Full screen and Window mode for games

Windows key + Shift, then press the Enter key.

Switching between full screen and Windows mode for a UWP game is useful when you want to capture footage using the Windows 10 Game DVR. Otherwise, the capture system will also capture the title bar and the borders of the window.

This method is handy when the game itself doesn’t provide window sizing options, as seen with some UWP games. You should note, though, that it works with some Win32 games but not all.

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So, there you have it! A few handy little keyboard tricks you’ll need to execute potential world-saving missions… or whichever other games you’re playing.

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