The Ultimate Gaming Chair – Razer Iskur Unboxing and Review

This blog was updated in November 2022.

You’ll already know Razer as an iconic and pioneering brand of gaming gear. From gaming keyboards and mice to high-end gaming laptops, they’ve covered nearly every base there is. However, a new category has exploded in popularity in recent years – gaming chairs.

Not content with slapping their logo on a basic gaming chair and calling it a day, the designers at Razer have being toiling away in their lab to create the ultimate gaming chair. Let’s get the Razer Iskur assembled and find out what makes it so good.

How to assemble the Razer Iskur gaming chair

It took guest presenter James around 20 minutes in total to go from a taped-up box to a complete Razer Iskur. Check out the video above for a slick time-lapse of the build process. As a gaming-tech YouTuber, he’s assembled his fair share of gaming chairs. So, if it’s your first gaming chair, your build time for the Razer Iskur will probably clock in a bit higher.


The Razer Iskur gaming chair comes securely packaged. Everything that’s required for assembly is in one big box, with plenty of dense foam padding to protect it in transport. Nearly every component of the chair is wrapped in plastic to avoid scruffs and scratches to the leather, while the tools and screws are divvied up into their own container for easier organisation.

Swing the Razer Iskur’s box open and the very first thing you’ll see is the manual. Spanning the surface of the box, this enormous, two-sided manual is hard to miss. On one side is an introductory message, with links to Razer’s support portals and a scannable QR code to bring up a step-by-step video walkthrough on how to assemble the Razer Iskur. Flip the manual over to the other side and large, detailed graphics break down the build process.  

Easy build

As far as gaming chairs go, assembling the Razer Iskur is straightforward. Though it’s quite heavy. Due to its steel tube framing, reinforced wheelbase, and high-quality construction throughout, it weighs in at over 30KG. This can make balancing and screwing in components of the chair a bit fiddly, so you may want a friend’s help. As mentioned, everything that’s needed for assembly is in the box including tools, so you don’t have to bring your own.

The arm rests come pre-attached too, cutting the build time down even further. To accommodate their ‘4-D’ adjustability, the arm rest housing is on the bulkier side. This can get in the way if you like to sit cross-legged. That posture is not the most ergonomic form, which the Razer Iskur tried to encourage, but the arm rests are removable if needs be.

As the arm rests are good to go, there are only three main components you’ve got to install yourself: the seat, back, and wheelbase. Forming a 90-degree angle, place the back of the gaming chair on top of the seat and secure it in place from either side using the included screws. Use the included plastic shrouds to keep the screws hidden. Next, pop each caster wheel onto the five-pointed wheelbase. With the chair and wheelbase completed, all that’s left to do is screw the pneumatic piston to the underside of the chair and hook it up to the lumbar support system. Slot the chair assembly onto the wheelbase and you’re done!

How comfortable is the Razer Iskur gaming chair?

Most gaming chairs are what we’d describe as deceivingly comfortable. They might feel great at first but use them for any considerable length of time and you’ll soon realise their overly plush cushioning doesn’t provide any real ergonomic support. Then soon enough they’ll lose their plushness, at which point you might as well be sat on a plank of wood.

High-density foam cushioning

Razer takes a less common approach with the Iskur, using high-density foam cushioning that errs on the firmer, more ergonomic side. We’re not used to seeing this on a gaming chair, but it strikes an ideal balance between comfort and support. Compared to a standard gaming chair, the comfort of the Razer Iskur might not blow you away instantly. But give the dense foam cushions some time to adapt to your body and you’ll have a mould that’s comfortable to return to again and again.

Lumbar support system

What makes the Razer Iskur stand out the most against other gaming chairs must be the pneumatic-operated lumbar support system. Like the height or recline adjustment, the chair’s built-in lumbar cushion is operated by a level. Nestle into a normal, ergonomic position and hit the lever, and the cushion will rise to push against your lower back. By propping up your posture so you don’t start to slowly slouch over long gaming sessions, the Razer Iskur helps promote healthier gaming habits.

It’s a noticeable step up from most gaming chairs which just use a cushion dangling from a strap, making them hard to get in the right position as they’re always shuffling about. They might be called ‘support cushions’, but most people end up removing them anyway as they jut out uncomfortably and align poorly with the back.

Memory foam head cushion

The included memory foam head cushion combines with the lumbar system to support the whole length of your spine. It slips over the chair’s headrest easily with an elastic strap. Combined with the height adjustment to keep your knees at a perfect right-angle and the recline adjustment up to 139-degrees, and you’ve got one of the most ergonomic gaming chairs on the market.

4-D armrests

As covered in our Gaming Mouse Guide, everyone has their own unique way of operating their set-up. Do you prefer to tuck yourself right into the desk and use your arm’s entire range of movement to control your mouse, or lie back and use high-DPI mouse movements instead?

Either way, the 4-D armrests of the Razer Iskur let you tune your gaming chair to your exact fancy. In this case, 4-D isn’t that much of a marketing gimmick either. These armrests do move in four directions. Match your desk’s height by adjusting up-and-down, bring them closer to your body by sliding side-to-side, move them closer to or away from the desk by sliding back-and-forth, and rotate left-and-right at your peripherals to place less strain on your wrists.

Properly adjusted armrests can help support your arm’s weight for less fatigue over long gaming sessions. And if you plant your elbow firmly on the armrest, you can use it as an anchor point for low-sens mouse movements just like the esports pros do.  

Razer Gaming Chair Design

As Razer’s first gaming chair, they needed to stand out from an already saturated market. A gaming chair is quite a change of pace from their typical output of PC gaming hardware, but the Iskur is undoubtably a Razer product through and through.

It’s clearly a Razer product

Spinning the gaming chair around, we counted five instances of Razer’s branding. Their tri-snake logo sits front and centre, with their “By Gamers, For Gamers” slogan inscribed along the seat. “Razer” is embroidered onto the back of the chair and the optional neck rest as well. Finally, the Razer logo is even moulded into the plastic shrouds. Get up from your Iskur while livestreaming and your audience will certainly know you’ve got a Razer gaming chair.

Complete Razer gaming set-up

Even ignoring all the logos and slogans, the iconic bright-green stitching of the Iskur is enough to clue you into the fact it’s a Razer product. If you’re die-hard Razer fanboy whose set-up is decked-out with Razer’s peripherals and accessories, the Razer Iskur gaming chair will slot right in with its black-and-green colour scheme.

In line with what you’ll find on most gaming chairs, the Razer Iskur’s design is inspired by a race car bucket seat. A tall headrest and side padding from the shoulders down to the legs keeps you centred and focused on your gaming monitor. This padding’s angled to maximise the surface area of the seat, supporting weights up to 136KG and heights from 5’6” to 6’4”.

Premium PVC leather

Unlike most gaming chairs which use ‘PU’ leather, the Razer Iskur instead uses multi-layered ‘PVC’ leather. As covered in our Gaming Chair Guide, both are a synthetic material, but PVC mimics the real deal much more convincingly and holds up after years’ worth of gaming sessions. From its shiny resin layer to carbon fibre-inspired touches and hexagonal stitch pattern, the attention to detail through the Razer Iskur makes it look and feel premium.

Razer Iskur gaming chair at Ebuyer

Thanks to its premium construction, materials and features, the Razer Iskur not only looks the part, but it’s a gaming chair you can feel confident owning for years to come. It introduces a dedicated lumbar support system, placing an increased emphasis on ergonomics we don’t tend to see on most gaming chairs. The design holds up to other Razer products, easily slotting into the most impressive of gaming set-ups. Check out the Razer Iskur gaming chair over at Ebuyer.

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