netgear orbi

A look at the Orbi Wi-Fi system

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Orbi is a new Wi-Fi system from NETGEAR which promises to deliver blistering speeds.  No matter how many devices are connected to your network.  NETGEAR have developed a system ...
Arlo netgear full system

All about Arlo

This post is sponsored by NETGEAR Whether you are at home, at work or travelling you need the reassurance which comes with knowing our loved ones and possessions are safe and secure.  In today’s world ...
Netgear M4300 Switches

NETGEAR M4300 Switches

Sponsored Post SMBs know the importance of their IT infrastructure and how critical it is their network is fast and reliable.  It also needs to be affordable, scalable, and easy to use.   All of which ...
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Storage Buying Guide

There are lots of products designed to store your media files, applications and operating systems.  Depending on your needs, choose from SD cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives or hard drives.  “I want to ...

Accounting software for business

There is no doubt keeping the books has changed over the years. Legions of clerks behind large desks scratching figures into huge dusty ledgers was once the norm. Time then moved on to accountants with ...

Stay Secure at Christmas

As the festive season is upon us the influx of new tech, smart devices  and online shopping can open us up to world of cyber danger. From Malware, to phishing scams and ransomware to identity theft, ...

A Guide to AES Keyboards

Have you ever wondered how safe your wireless transmissions actually are, more specifically how secure are your keystrokes are? In today’s mobile world, more and more people are using wireless technology to input data in ...

The Best Detachable Computers

If you’re looking for a truly portable PC option, it’s likely you’ll first be looking towards convertible laptops or detachable PCs. These Laptop/Tablet 2 in 1 devices are the perfect option for those needing the ...

Office Home and Student 2016

It has been the staple for first timers, home users and students for nearly 25 years now, and Microsoft Office software is still the go-to platform for everything from word processing and presentations to spreadsheets ...

Gaming on Windows 10

Whether you’re looking at upgrading your old gaming computer, splashing out for a pro model or simply getting ready for your first foray into PC gaming there’s likely one thing in common, your windows OS. For ...