How to get involved with esports

It’s a question we’ve been asked hundreds of times over the years… How exactly do you get involved in competitive gaming / esports? With the sport growing from a bedroom hobby to a multi-billion pound, global enterprise, ...
uni tech feature

University tech under £500

For many, university gives you the best days of your life, but for some students they can also be the most expensive! Courses like graphic design, music tech and games design come with a hefty ...
ebuyer and fmesports logo

Ebuyer Announce Esports deal

We are delighted to announce a partnership deal with one of the UK’s leading eSports teams-  FMESPORTS. It will be Ebuyer’s first official route into the world of professional eSports. The sponsorship deal which starts ...
guide to smartplugs feature

Guide to Smart Plugs

Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are a great addition to jump start your Connected Home, it is a simple-to-use device that you can plug into any open outlet, allowing you to control multiple electrical appliances in your ...
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how safe is public wifi feature

How safe is public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere. It’s estimated that by 2018 there will be 14m across the UK alone. They’re undeniably useful, giving us free (or cheap, at least) internet access and saving our precious mobile ...
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tablets for travel feature

Best Tablets for Travel

Part of my job involves travelling around the world reporting on the latest bleeding edge technology. It sounds glamorous, but in reality, it involves a lot of hours in economy class watching bad movies.  So ...
guide to sound cards feature

Introduction to Sound Cards

If you’re looking at improving the audio experience of your computer, then you’re likely looking down the route of a sound card- Ideal for gamers, home theaters, editors and audiophiles this guide will give you some ...
Guide to cpu feature

How to choose a Processor

A CPU is central to the running of your machine, so much so it has ‘central’ in its name. The Central Processing Unit does a multitude of functions within a computer which it ‘sees’ as ...
guide to powerline

Guide to Powerline

Extending your home network : A Guide to PowerLine Technology There’s nothing more annoying than having parts of your home where your Wi-Fi won’t reach. However, it’s not necessarily all doom and gloom as PowerLine ...
novice and dark web feature

A Novice and the Dark Web

Deep Web to Deep Pan, Part 1 As my mouse hovered over the confirmation button, I paused. It was in this split second I realised that one click could change my life forever. Of course ...
e3-logo 2016 sony

Did Sony Shine at E3?

SONY BRING OUT THE WHISTLES & BELLS BUT IS THIS JUST TO COVER THE CRACKS? Following a great showing from Microsoft and Xbox it was time for Sony to step up to the plate and ...
e3-logo 2016 microsoft

Microsoft at E3 2016

Microsoft Wheel Out Big Guns at E3  Day 2 of the E3 gaming conference and Microsoft started their showcase on a sombre note, with a brief tribute to those affected by the tragedy in Orlando, ...
e3-logo 2016

EA Kicks off E3 2016

EA Kicks off E3, Not With a Bang, but More a “meh” Last night we saw the prelude to E3 kick off, with a somewhat muted reception from the gaming community. What was supposed to ...
Guide to range extenders feature

Guide to Range Extenders

We all share a zero tolerance to lag and buffering, which is why ensuring the router is optimally placed, remains the Holy Grail in the battle for seamless internet connection. Even mathematical theory has been ...
usb uses feature

10 Uses of USB Flash Drives

Many of us use USB flash drives on a daily basis, primarily for sharing and transporting files from one device to another, however, these powerful thumbdrives have much more to offer than storing data. We’ve ...
pc cooling tips feature

PC Cooling Tips

If you find your PC performance has gone downhill, the answer to your problems could be as simple as keeping it cool. Overheating can be responsible for many common problems with PC performance, from hanging ...
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